Caring for a Loved One Who Has Diabetes

Caring for a Loved One Who Has Diabetes

It is no secret that diabetes is one of the deadliest diseases in the world. It can affect people from all ages, especially the seniors. Diabetes among seniors can also affect other health conditions like heart and kidney problems. If you are a caregiver for someone who has diabetes, we have supplied the following information that can help you:

  • Exercise is crucial.

    Exercise is important in managing blood sugar. It also helps control a diabetic’s weight and increase their body’s insulin sensitivity which is important in attaining normal blood sugar levels. With the aide of physical therapy in Ohio, diabetics are better guided in choosing the right physical activities and exercise programs fit for their needs. Physical therapists can also make assessments on their client’s condition before, while, and after undergoing their prescribed exercise routines.

  • Eating the right kinds of food is vital.

    Having the right diet is important because people mostly get their nourishment from food. If not properly planned, the amount of nutrients and glucose in a diabetic’s food might not be properly guarded, which can further complicate their condition. A home health aide is knowledgeable in the proper food planning and preparation to ensure that a person with diabetes gets the right nourishment.

  • Foot Care is important.

    A diabetic may experience numbness in their feet due to nerve damage. Thus, they may not feel certain damages like wounds and blisters in their feet. Problems with blood supply and distribution in this part of the body may slow the healing process. This makes wounds more susceptible to infections that may cause more problems and if not solved, possible amputation.

At Angels Care Home Health Service LLC, we can help you take care of your diabetic loved one. You can be assured that our health care services in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, can help you in the right management of the disease and avoid further complications.

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