Fall Prevention Tips to Keep Seniors Safe


Did you know that 1 in every 4 seniors fall every year? Falls are considered one of the leading causes of hospital emergency admissions in seniors. But it should not be considered a normal part of aging. Follow these tips to keep your senior loved ones safe at home:

  • Make your home fall-proof. Add handrails in long hallways and stairs for support. You can also install grab bars beside their bed, sofa, and toilet and put corner guards on the edges of furniture. Replace regular floor rugs with non-slip rugs.
  • Get their eyesight checked. One reason seniors are prone to falling is that they can’t see clearly. Reduce their risk by making sure they can see where they’re walking. You can also add more light fixtures in dark areas of the home.
  • Help them improve their balance, coordination, and strength. Moderate aerobic exercises are recommended for seniors, but it is best to consult with their physician. You can also try physical therapy in Ohio, as it offers fitness programs for fall prevention.
  • Consider hiring a home health aide. If no one is available to stay home due to work and school or your senior lives alone, you can hire professional assistance. They will help seniors accomplish daily living tasks and keep them safe from falls.

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