Health Issues Needing Physical Therapy


Rehabilitation plays an essential part in health care services in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. People of most ages can undergo therapy due to health conditions. However, many of these people are elderly adults who incurred injuries and physical health issues.

And here are some instances where physical therapy in Ohio is needed:

  • Stroke

    Stroke survivors will undergo motor-skill exercises, mobility training, constraint-induced therapy, and range-of-motion therapy to recover from the effects of their recent attack.

  • Spine problems

    Many seniors develop problems in different parts of the spine, causing back pains and immobility. Therapy can help relieve pain, improve gait and balance, and strengthen their core muscles.

  • Bone fractures

    Fractures may occur due to falls and accidents. PT after an injury can improve mobility. It helps improve walking, reaching, grasping, and more after wearing casts and slings that limit muscular movement.

  • Amputation

    Losing a limb creates a big impact on a person’s way of life. Therapy will help them restore functional abilities, muscle strength, and flexibility.

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