How-To: Preparing for a Doctor’s Appointment


If you want to make the most out of your doctor’s appointment, a basic plan is necessary. To make it easier for you, your friendly provider of health care services in Reynoldsburg, Ohio gives an ultimate list of making the most of your visit.

  • List down and prioritize your concerns

    Before going, make a list of what you want to discuss, whether it’s a question, clarification, new symptom, or update of your condition.

    If you have several items to discuss, organize them and ask about the most important ones first.

  • Take important information with you

    Doctors may suggest that you bring with you all prescription drugs, OTCs, vitamins, and herbal supplements you have been using. Others may recommend that you bring a list of everything you have taken, including the dosage.

    Additionally, you should also take with you your insurance cards, the names and phone numbers of other doctors you visit, and your medical records.

  • Consider bringing along a family member or a home health aide

    When you have a difficulty in traveling to and from the appointment or remembering/taking down notes of the doctor’s advice, bring someone to assist you.

  • Make sure that you can clearly see and hear

    If you require glasses or hearing aids, always bring them with you during your visit. Make sure to also let your doctor or the staff know if you have a difficulty in seeing or hearing.

  • Prepare a clear update about your condition/concern

    Make sure to let your doctor know about the experiences you have undergone since your last visit. If you underwent another checkup by another doctor, changes in your appetite, improvement or worsening of your symptoms, or the new effects your medications are causing, tell your doctor immediately.

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