Senior Health Watch: Signs of Malnutrition


One of the most common misconceptions among seniors is that it’s too late for them to pursue healthy living. Some of them have been so accustomed to unhealthy habits that they find it extremely challenging to alter these. Even worse, they think that there is no hope for them to change for the better. Just like seniors, patients undergoing physical therapy in Ohio may also tend to have this misconception.

Unfortunately, seniors with frail conditions are still prone to malnutrition. When this happens to them, it would only add to the other health problems that they have. Therefore, seniors must do whatever it takes to avoid this from happening. Taking advantage of health care services in Reynoldsburg, Ohio is already a great start.

Due to their deteriorating health, it is important for seniors to get their bodies’ needed nutrition. Through this, they will stay healthy while protecting their well-being at the same time. Having a healthy diet also helps them make the most out of medication intake.

Do you have senior loved ones at home?

Make sure to check whether they are in their best health.

Look out for these common signs of malnutrition in the senior age group:

  • Rapid weight loss
    Is the senior losing a significant amount of weight?
  • Fatigue
    Does the senior feel an overwhelming feeling of tiredness?
  • Loss of appetite
    Does the senior experience lack of appetite most of the time?
  • Swelling
    Have you noticed signs of fluid accumulation in the senior?

If you have noticed the abovementioned signs in your senior loved ones, don’t hesitate to seek help from healthcare professionals.

For assistance when it comes to nutrition management, don’t hesitate to hire a home health aide from Angels Care Home Health Service LLC.

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