Signs that Your Seniors Need Physical Therapy


Most people believe that physical therapy in Ohio is only done to recover from a fall or injury, but this is not the case. Pain management, musculoskeletal problems, and particular ailments such as lower back pain, persistent headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, and frozen shoulder can all benefit from physical therapy. Taking this into consideration, we would be informed that there is more to what physical therapy can do and provide for us.

Now that we are informed, it is time to pay attention to the activities and behaviors of our senior loved ones who may require physical therapy. Here are several warning signals that should not go undetected, especially as our elderly become older.

  • Difficulty standing from a chair
    As your elders age and become more sedentary, their muscle endurance and lower extremity strength decline. If they need to use their arms to get up from a chair or have trouble standing, it may be time to consider physical therapy.
  • Breathing difficulty
    Cardiovascular endurance is a big concern among the senior population. Severe health-related problems can be avoided with physical therapy from health care services in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.
  • Change in assistance device
    A shift in your senior’s assistive equipment, such as from a cane to a walker, can be an indication of declining functional status. Physical therapy can address these problems while also assisting your seniors in maintaining their independence.

Angels Care Home Health Service LLC will assist your seniors in gaining confidence and independence in moving again with the help of our professional physical therapists and skilled home health aides.

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