Common Risks at Home That Seniors Face Everyday


We understand that one of your concerns about your senior loved ones remaining at home is their safety. Staying at home doesn’t assure that they are not prone to accidents. There are actually many risks or hidden hazards at home that they need to be aware and prevent it. Most accidents happen on stairs, bathtubs and showers, flooring, medication, smoke and fire, and toilet. That is why it is important that you equip your loved one’s home with safety features and remove any potential hazards.

Here are some tips how to safety-proof your home for your seniors:

  • Install good lightings in all parts of the house
  • Ensure a safe bathroom and protect against fire
  • Keep emergency numbers handy and remove fall hazards
  • Assess the bedroom and kitchen and install safety features
  • Check in with them frequently or hire a home health aide for them

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