Addressing Myths About Aging


Do you fear the aging process?

If so, you are not alone, especially in our culture, which has many myths and preconceptions about what “aging” involves. However, this process is unique to each individual, and there are numerous ways to take control of the process and stay healthy for a longer period. Get the facts and prioritize your health!

  • Myth #1: You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks
    It is, nevertheless, a total misconception that your age prevents you from learning new talents. Discover what’s possible by taking courses, whether online or in a local library, senior center, or community college.
  • Myth #2: It’s Too Late to Quit Smoking
    No matter how long you smoked or how many cigarettes you smoked every day, your health will improve as soon as you quit. Some health benefits are instant, while others are long-term, but the important thing to remember is that it is never too late to start.
  • Myth #3: Older Adults Should Not Exercise
    Staying active can help you build muscle, lose fat, and enhance your mental health. There is also strong evidence that regular exercise helps lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.
  • MYTH #4: Only Women Get Osteoporosis
    Men take longer to acquire osteoporosis than women because they begin with a larger density of bone mass, but by their late 60s, they are equally prone to this ailment.

Angels Care Home Health Service LLC is here to help you debunk these myths and support your elderly loved ones as they age in place and gracefully with our health care services in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. You and your senior will have peace of mind with the presence of our home health aide.

We also offer physical therapy in Ohio.

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