Compliant Foods When You’re on a Puréed Diet


People are often recommended to go on a puréed diet after an oral or jaw injury surgery. In some cases, people receiving health care services in Reynoldsburg, Ohio due to digestive disorders or dysphagia caused by neurological diseases are also recommended to go on this diet.

So what are the compliant foods you should keep in mind when you’re on a puréed diet? Here’s a list of what you can ask your home health aide to prepare for you:

  • Fruits: Cooked and puréed fruits; Fruits converted into sauce; Fruit juices or nectar that don’t have pulps
  • Grains: Cream of rice cereal or wheat; Puréed oatmeal; Puréed rice or pasta
  • Vegetables: Cooked and puréed veggies; Mashed or whipped sweet potatoes; Veggie juices that don’t have pulps
  • Meats, fish, and eggs: Cooked fish, eggs, or meats that are puréed together with the sauce or gravy
  • Dairy: Smooth yogurts without any solids; Milk; Ice cream or frozen yogurt without solids; Whipped cream; Pudding or custard
  • Desserts: Fruit ice; Frappes; Smoothies; Popsicles; Jelly or gelatin
  • Fats: Butter; Puréed avocado; Sour cream; Gravy
  • Legumes: Hummus; Silken tofu; Smooth bean dips
  • Soups

Consult your doctor first to avoid any possible food allergies or other effects due to a condition.

Angels Care Home Health Service LLC wants to ensure that you receive proper nutrition while on a puréed diet. We also want to make sure you receive quality health care. Do you need our services such as physical therapy in Ohio? Call us today then!

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