Signs Your Loved Ones Need Home Care


To alleviate unpleasant surprises down the road, planning for in-home care should be a part of caring for your elderly loved ones. When the time comes when they need health care services in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, you need to know. Here are a few signs they’ll benefit from support at their homes:

  • Poor personal hygiene
    Especially if they’re normally meticulous about their appearance, it’s worth noting any changes in physical appearance, like unbrushed teeth, untidy hair, or dirty hair and hands.
  • Forgetfulness
    When they tend to forget or get confused with their medications or doctor’s appointment and gets as worse as forgetting to pay their bills, locking their homes, or getting lost even in familiar places, it’s a clear sign they need home health aide assistance.
  • Poor housekeeping
    Everyone has varying degrees of tolerance on the level of cleanliness they accept at their homes. But it’s a different matter when clutters and dirt are more than normal, like piled dirty clothes, dishes, and newspapers everywhere.
  • Improper nutrition
    When your senior loved ones aren’t anymore able to prepare themselves proper nourishment or remember to hydrate, it may be because they find it a struggle to plan their meals and buy groceries—tasks they may now need assistance with.

There are many other signs that your loved ones will need in-home care assistance. Rest assured that whenever your loved ones need such assistance and physical therapy in Ohio, you have Angels Care Home Health Service LLC!

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