What You Need to Know about Whole Grains


If you or your senior loved one has been advised to have a healthier diet, whole grains are one of the superfoods you should be considering.

Whole grains are more than just grains. It includes the bran, germ, and endosperm – a complete package of nutrition. Its bran and germ parts contribute to making your hair and skin shiny while the endosperm is made of carbohydrates and proteins.

Before buying a product that claims to be whole grain, you need to check the label first. Whole grains have generally high nutrition content versus refined grains. These grains also have a denser texture. Because it did not pass a process that includes preservatives, whole grains have a shorter shelf life.

Whole grains can be incorporated into your diet without upsetting your appetite. With a home health aide ready to help, you are good to go for a healthier change in your diet. You can make whole grains as a snack, as an addition to a favorite meal, or by swapping some ingredients.

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