Care Tips for Your Seniors Dentures


When your senior loved one is facing tooth loss, dentures can be key to making sure they retain the same happy smile they used to have. Therefore, it is important to care for the dentures to ensure they last longer and that your senior loved ones are comfortable using them.

The first rule in getting dentures is to make sure they are the right fit. Otherwise, the situation can get very uncomfortable for your loved one. You should also be prepared for any change. Gums and bones change which means the dentures won’t eventually fit. The best way to adjust the dentures is through your dentist.

If your loved one has just gotten their new dentures, they may need to take things slowly. Speaking can get tricky when a person has something new in their teeth. Just remind your senior loved one to be patient. They can practice saying difficult words until they get the hang of their new dentures.

They may have trouble eating for the early days of having their dentures. Eating soft foods that require less chewing or force can help. Denture adhesives can keep dentures securely in place without worrying if they would fall out anytime.
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