The Basics of Wound Care at Home


Wounds may start small but if left untreated can be a potential cause of harm to one’s body. Your homebound loved ones who have vulnerable health are prone to get wounded. Some may have some mobility issues that increase their risk of trips, falls, and injuries. Bed-ridden patients may develop bedsores.

Beyond the wound, here is some basic knowledge to keep in mind for the safety of everyone in the family.

There are different types of wounds and therefore there are different ways they will be treated with our health care services in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. One common way to distinguish the wound type is through time. Wounds that generally heal within weeks are referred to as acute. Wounds that take weeks to months and require additional attention are called chronic wounds.

Upon your loved one’s discharge after surgery, you may find their surgical wounds. Patients with traumatic injury and wounds related to surgery have the acute type. However, there are cases when these could turn into a chronic condition. This is why it remains important to give attention to every wound, no matter how small.

Caring for your loved one at home can get challenging. Our home health aide can help you and the family.

Angels Care Home Health Service LLC also provides physical therapy in Ohio. Call us about this program.

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