Consuming Too Much News Can Impact Mental Health

Ways to Make Health Foods Appetizing for Picky Seniors

During a global crisis, trying to find a happy medium between staying updated by news media and not growing overwhelmed by it is quite a challenge for a lot of people. According to care professionals for health care services in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, many disabled or elderly who stay home and watch the news most of the time feel this way.

If your homebound loved one often streams news about the COVID-19 pandemic for lengthy periods, it can elevate their stress levels and trigger negative thoughts and feelings as their response to it. They may even experience trouble sleeping and develop anxiety.

For you to help your loved one, you can suggest doing other activities at home that they can find pleasant and fulfilling. That way, they have less time with the news and more time finding joy with other things. Activities like playing board games, exercise, and craft-making are not only fun but also great distractions.

If you don’t live with your loved one, you can have a home health aide accompany them at home daily to do activities with them and provide compassionate care at the same time.

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