Home Health Care in the New Normal

Home Health Care in the New Normal

The world faces a war against a new coronavirus strain known as COVID-19. And because of that, many things changed in an instant. Everyone must take many precautions nowadays, follow physical distancing, and other protocols our government will impose to prevent acquiring the disease and spreading it to others.

Many have lost their lives in this fight, and more are at risk if people will become lenient. Seniors are considered one of the most vulnerable to the illness. And so, what should we do for them to live a quality life in the new set-up?

Since it is the responsibility of a home health aide to protect their elderly clients, here are some tips from us at Angels Care Home Health Service LLC.

  • Observe cleanliness at home.

    Aside from your regular cleaning, disinfect once or twice a week to remove bacteria and other viruses such as coronavirus from infecting your family. Use products that are safe for the elderly and children as well.

  • Promote proper hygiene.

    One essential step in keeping yourself and your clients safe from COVID-19 is proper hygiene. You do not know what contaminants you get from outside that may infect other people you encounter. That is why it is better to wash hands properly and take a bath regularly.

  • Let elders stay indoors.

    Unless necessary, seniors must refrain from going out as of the moment since there is no cure yet for the new coronavirus disease. The elderly under health care services in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, may assign errands to their caregivers. And if possible, have their treatments at home.

For medication management, diabetic patient monitoring, skilled nursing, and physical therapy in Ohio, contact us at 614-367-7724. Our staff will be glad to assist you with your inquiries. Stay safe, everyone!

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