Professionals’ View – Preventing Falls Is Still a #1 Priority


Recent statistics show that up to 30% of older adults may fall in a given year. Additionally, about 20% of individuals who experience falls require medical attention and below 10% of the patients will break a bone. These damages result in injury, pain, and loss of mobility and are consequently life-threatening.

According to our comprehensive study, here are the action steps you can take to prevent falls:

  • Ask your pharmacist to evaluate all the prescriptions you’re taking and identify if drug interactions can make you unsteady on your feet.
  • Discuss with your doctor about getting a fall assessment by a physical therapist. Physical Therapy in Ohio can help you regain the strength to keep you upright and stable when walking.
  • Visit an ophthalmologist to have your vision checked. Clearer vision decreases your risk of tripping into unseen or unnoticed objects on the floor.
  • Include nutritious foods in your diet. Food requirements are a balanced amount of whole grains, protein, fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, and omega-3-rich unsaturated fats in a minimal amount.
  • In addition to regular walking/running or other kinds of aerobics, try resistance bands or light weights to train and exercise. Muscle strength helps keep you active and upright.
  • Have a podiatrist check your shoes to avoid poorly fitted shoes or shoes without the right support.
  • Have a family member or a home health aide look for home hazards that you might be overlooking. With a cluttered and unorganized home, objects are more likely to catch your foot by accident and will let you take a tumble.
  • Have grab bars and supports installed in your bathrooms, bed, sofas, and stairs to provide you with support.

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